Powering Yourself provides a wide range of engineering services able to fulfill the technical needs of our partners.

It is equipped with modern 3D modulation and CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) tools that allow us to attend to all market requests.

We develop from scratch new equipments in accordance with our customers technical requisites and improve existent ones.

Through the use of our FEA (Finite Element Analysis) capabilities, we perform the mechanical design of parts and mechanisms, analyzing the static, dynamic, fatigue resistance and vibration behavior. We also perform structural analysis and projects of industrial structures. We develop integrated solutions in accordance with our client needs.

These solutions include the project of metallic structures, reservoirs, reaction tanks and support equipments. We also design and integrate the piping systems.

We design compressed-air piping lines and other industrial fluids, optimizing existent ones.

We provide a personalized service with focus on the client needs with the goal of finding efficient solutions for our client problems.

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